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Puch Serial Number Registry

Posted in Puch Serial Numbers by Racer on March 13, 2011

If you own a Puch please contribute to the list. This may help us ID bikes by year. Different models may have the serial number in different locations. On my Trak Pro it is stamped onto a plate riveted onto the BB.

Serial Numbers by Year and Model

Puch Trak Pro

#00044 – Original color: Black (USA)
#01168 – Original Owner, John. Purchased in NC, USA

Puch Challenger Pro

1982 #K25662 – Original color: Chrome (owner Richard Pennock, UK)

Puch Sky Invader

1983 #K83035733 – Original color: Chrome (owner ?, UK)

Puch Track Invader

1983 #K3832803 – James Chambers

Puch Space Invader

1984 #K40321685 – Original color: Chrome (owner ?, UK)

Puch Turbo II

1983 #K830811206 – Original color: Chrome (owner ?, UK)
I think K is for Kinesis, 83 the year, 08 the month (August).

Puch Freestyler

1986 #T6011004 – Original color: Chrome

Puch Super Cruiser

1984 #K41C15573 – Original color: Chrome

Puch Unknown Models



#T2F2019 – Original color: Chrome
#TN395LJ 12 (G0284)
Both of these bikes have similar pattern so are most likely same model and one has a Giant code stamped on the dropout as well. Not sure if the top one does.

#weird symbol 19 307415 D