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1979 Puch Challenger advertisement

Posted in 1979,Puch Advertisements by Racer on March 13, 2011

This ad is the earliest Puch advertisement I could find. It is from the December 1979 issue of “Bicycle Motocross Action” magazine. The model is the “new” Challenger MX. It features a Magnesium Alloy (Magalloy) frame. It has alloy hubs, Ashtubula cranks, V bars and a alloy SR stem, 4130 seat post, what looks to be front and rear Shimano or Dia Compe brakes and a Kashimax seat.

The frame is lugged and to me it looks identical to a Scorpion or Cycle Pro. I bet they all came from the same factory and may indeed by the same frame.


1979 Frank Orlandini

Posted in 1979 by Racer on March 13, 2011

Frank was a Redline (Eds Bike Shop) rider late in 1978, but must have moved on to Puch for early 1979. This picture was taken Opening Day at Craigmeur Raceway in New Jersey.  The race must have been like a national as it had over 500 racers! It shows Frank in first on the inside sporting his new #1 plate.  Brad See (18G) is the Powerlite rider on the outside. Im not sure who the other Puch rider is in the background. But riding Puch colors and running the 28G plate means he musta been pretty fast also. I will try to find out, if anyone else knows or has any Puch pictures or info please contribute.

*28G is Jim Mooney – 4G is Mike Chasmar in the other Powerlite uniform

The caption also read, that Puch was rumored to be coming out with a new high class BMX bike. It must have been referring to the Puch Challenger MX.