Puch BMX

1980 BMX Plus! Puch Trak Pro Test

Posted in 1980 by Racer on April 12, 2011

The test was lengthy but had no data box. So I’m just publishing a couple cool pictures. I did find it odd that the bike came stock with 39-14 gearing. But it also came with extra rear gears including 13, 16 and 17 teeth. The test appeared in the August 1980 issue. The the test rider was Tim Ells. Which shows the bikes versatility as it was clearly aimed at older, bigger riders. The test also pointed out they believed it had a slower head tube angle then the Thruster. But that was just a guess and it is unclear if it was actually different or just welded in the same Thruster Jig.

Also until I scored my Puch, I didn’t realize that the top and down tubes were both floval (flat oval). They just appeared round to me all this time. I also didn’t remember the cool lil gusset behind the seat clamp area. Very trick.


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