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Puch Trak Pro

Posted in Puch Models by Racer on March 13, 2011

This was without a doubt Puch’s most popular BMX model. For good reason. The Trak Pro was made in New Jersey by Speed Unlimited. They were best known for their own brand “Thruster”.

Here is a closeup of the front gusset. It had the Puch logo sweetly engraved. This is from former Shimano riders , Dave Dechert’s collection.

Puch Trak Pro Specs: (from 1983 BMXA March Buyers Guide)

Frame weight – 4 lbs. 9 ounces

Fork weight – 1 lb. 12 ounces

Complete Bike weight – 24 lbs. 9 ounces

Toptube & Downtube Outside Diameter – 1 1/8″ Flat Oval tubing

Forkleg Outside Diameter – 1″ ( 1982 forks are decaled as Puch but are the same Speed Unlimited forks it was advertised with in 1980)

Bottom Bracket – American

Colors – Chrome with Blue trim, Black with gold trim, Midnight blue with blue trim


Fork rake – 1 7/8″

Steering Head tube angle – (this part of page was missing)

Seat tube angle – (this part of page was missing)


Wheelbase 35 3/4″ – ???

Bottom Bracket height – 10 1/2″

Parts Group

Spider – Shimano

Freewheel – Shimano

Chain – Izumi

Seat – Kashimax MX

Seat Post – Speed Unlimited

Seat Post Clamp – Xclaiber

(Rest of parts group page was missing)


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  1. Karl said,

    I have a Puch super cruiser 24″ serial K41C15573, I can only find one other on the internet but no info, has anybody got anything on this 24″ ? What year from the serial was it manufactured.manufactured. Thanks.

    • Racer said,

      No concrete information but year is likely 1984 or 85

      • Karl said,

        Hi, I there a way I can send you pictures of my Puch bikes which aren’t on this site for you to put into your categories?



  2. Racer said,

    Hi Karl just send them to me in a email bulletproof2000@live.com

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