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Puch Serial Number Registry

Posted in Puch Serial Numbers by Racer on March 13, 2011

If you own a Puch please contribute to the list. This may help us ID bikes by year. Different models may have the serial number in different locations. On my Trak Pro it is stamped onto a plate riveted onto the BB.

Serial Numbers by Year and Model

Puch Trak Pro

#00044 – Original color: Black (USA)
#01168 – Original Owner, John. Purchased in NC, USA

Puch Challenger Pro

1982 #K25662 – Original color: Chrome (owner Richard Pennock, UK)

Puch Sky Invader

1983 #K83035733 – Original color: Chrome (owner ?, UK)

Puch Track Invader

1983 #K3832803 – James Chambers

Puch Space Invader

1984 #K40321685 – Original color: Chrome (owner ?, UK)

Puch Turbo II

1983 #K830811206 – Original color: Chrome (owner ?, UK)
I think K is for Kinesis, 83 the year, 08 the month (August).

Puch Freestyler

1986 #T6011004 – Original color: Chrome

Puch Super Cruiser

1984 #K41C15573 – Original color: Chrome

Puch Unknown Models



#T2F2019 – Original color: Chrome
#TN395LJ 12 (G0284)
Both of these bikes have similar pattern so are most likely same model and one has a Giant code stamped on the dropout as well. Not sure if the top one does.

#weird symbol 19 307415 D


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  1. Richard Pennock said,

    I have a track certified puch challenger pro in chrome but unsure of the year.

    The serial number is: K25662

  2. rubberfrog said,

    i have a 3 Puch’s whic i will be building,

    Puch Turbo II
    Sky Invader – K3)35733 with a what looks like a reversed 3 after the K.
    Space Invader

    will add the other serials later

  3. Rick said,

    Have a puch, restoring,that i bought for my son in the early 90’s. It still in very good condition, cause my son painted the chrome frame black? It helped preserve it. It’s serial number is: T2F2019. Was wondering, anyone know what year it was built? thanks, Rick

    • Racer said,

      A 1982 made bike I believe. You can email me a picture to bulletproof2000@live.com

      • Rick said,

        did you get the pictures I sent? thanks, Rick

  4. Graeme said,


    This is my first time on here and I think I might have a Puch either a Sky Invader…Air Invader or a Space Invader.

    Iv got a serial all number and would like someone to help identify the frame.

    Serial number is I think : K830858C3

  5. Stefan said,

    hi there,

    can anybody help me to identify my frame? …the serial number of my Puch BMX: weird symbol 19 307415 D …what could that mean?

    • Racer said,

      First off what country are you from/ I ask because Puch made different bikes at times in different parts of the world.

  6. Rachel said,

    Hello! I’m hoping you might be able to help….I’m currently trying to work out if my frame is (or isn’t) a Puch Trak Invader before I have repro decals made up. The S/N on the BB is TN395LJ 12 and the dropouts have G0284 (Which leads me to think it’s a Giant made frame) oh and I’m in the UK. Ta, Rachel

    • Racer said,

      Not sure but yes it is a bike made by Giant and is from 1984.
      Got a picture of the bike? Email me and I will post it. Maybe some Euro types will recognize it.

  7. shane said,

    I Had a Puch Trac Pro i orderd new and built to specs from the bike store back in 1980 or the early 80’s. It did not have a serial number on it i had to make up my own number for it and they had it stamped on the bottom of the bike . i still remember the number i had them put on it , I would love to get the bike it was stolen a few years after i got it. and i would be glad to buy it back if its out there somewhere
    serial number on it is 042569 that is my birth date..
    Thanks for any help
    or if anybody has a Trac Pro for sale please let me know
    by email or call me 812 305-0411

    • Racer said,

      Hope you get it back!

      • Shane said,

        Thanks I hope so

  8. daniel parry said,

    Do you know what age this puch is from the chassis number?cheers.dan.

    • Racer said,

      Sometimes you can tell by the serial number, sometimes you can tell by the model. Thats why Im trying tog et people to send me their serial number and model if they know it so we can establish a data base.

  9. Will goldsmith said,

    Puch unknown (maybe track invader looking at pics on the Internet) has gold anodised camouflage brakes and seat stem and clamp. All original. Serial number k25964. Any ideas?

    • Racer said,

      The only guess I have for you is it is a 1982 model, judging from the first number in the serial number.
      The K could be the year in code but I’m guessing it is for the builder as in Kinesis.

  10. John said,

    Trak Pro s/n 01168 stamped in the center of bottom bracket. Original owner purchased in Greensboro NC?

  11. allydanish said,

    hi.. hola from Malaysia
    i hv two Puch Magnum, frame & fork by Tange. Therefore Serial Number obviously following Tange’s which are easy enough to de-code.
    T1xxxx & T3xxxx, a ’81 & ’83 respectively.

    • Racer said,

      Thanks. Fortunately a few companies use a easy to decode formula.

  12. Karl said,

    HI, I have a Puch Freestyler FnF stamped T6011004 does the T definitely stand for Tange?

    • Racer said,

      It usually stands for Tange. But in other bikes it has sometimes not. But unless its not a quality weld and you are told for sure it is not Tange, you are safe to assume Tange did make it.

  13. Racer said,

    I cant say for certain the T stands for Tange. But if the welds are near perfect I would assume so unless proven otherwise.

  14. Hi all I have a 1983 puch track invader it was a wreck when I got it but with a lot of money and trawling the net for days on end I have got this bike back to what I believe is a standard factory bike the serial number on it is k3892803 I am looking for a set of decals or someone who can print me some up if anyone knows where I could get them done thanks Jamie

  15. Hi all I have a 1983 puch track invader it was a wreck when I got it but with a lot of money and trawling the net for days on end I have got this bike back to what I believe is a standard factory bike the serial number on it is k3892803 I am looking for a set of decals or someone who can print me some up if anyone knows where I could get them done thanks

  16. Jamie said,

    Anybody know where I can get a set of track invader decals made up thanks

  17. Jamie said,

    I have a track invader 1983 serial number is stamped on the bb k3892803

  18. James said,

    Hi I have a puch track invader 1983 I’ve nearly got it restored back to what I believe to be factory spec doing a lot of research on the bike and from photos I’ve seen on line of this ultra rare model the serial number stamped on the bottom bracket is k3832803

  19. James chambers said,

    Hi all I mentioned my track invader I also own a puch air invader, a puch Trojan and a puch wrangler I will post the serial numbers on here as soon as I can dig them out from my storage as there at the back of a unit all boxed up the Trojan is a survivor bike all original from the day it was brought back in the 70s including the tyres are original only ridden on a few times so I’m led to believe the air invader is all there but needs a full restoration which I will be doing and the wrangler is half way through its resto when they are done I will also post pictures as they will be something special to see all four models looking like new thanks Jamie.

  20. Racer said,

    Wow that may be the biggest Puch collection.

  21. Louis Galluzzi said,

    I have a Puch classic 10speed silver with blue pinstripe it has the Puch emblem on the front and Olympic rings on the frame with Tango 900 decal 27 inch rim and tired by Streetster TA crank suntour shifters and derailer
    S/N 84 07 27095

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