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1980 BMX Plus! Puch Trak Pro Test

Posted in 1980 by Racer on April 12, 2011

The test was lengthy but had no data box. So I’m just publishing a couple cool pictures. I did find it odd that the bike came stock with 39-14 gearing. But it also came with extra rear gears including 13, 16 and 17 teeth. The test appeared in the August 1980 issue. The the test rider was Tim Ells. Which shows the bikes versatility as it was clearly aimed at older, bigger riders. The test also pointed out they believed it had a slower head tube angle then the Thruster. But that was just a guess and it is unclear if it was actually different or just welded in the same Thruster Jig.

Also until I scored my Puch, I didn’t realize that the top and down tubes were both floval (flat oval). They just appeared round to me all this time. I also didn’t remember the cool lil gusset behind the seat clamp area. Very trick.

1979 Puch Challenger advertisement

Posted in 1979,Puch Advertisements by Racer on March 13, 2011

This ad is the earliest Puch advertisement I could find. It is from the December 1979 issue of “Bicycle Motocross Action” magazine. The model is the “new” Challenger MX. It features a Magnesium Alloy (Magalloy) frame. It has alloy hubs, Ashtubula cranks, V bars and a alloy SR stem, 4130 seat post, what looks to be front and rear Shimano or Dia Compe brakes and a Kashimax seat.

The frame is lugged and to me it looks identical to a Scorpion or Cycle Pro. I bet they all came from the same factory and may indeed by the same frame.

1979 Frank Orlandini

Posted in 1979 by Racer on March 13, 2011

Frank was a Redline (Eds Bike Shop) rider late in 1978, but must have moved on to Puch for early 1979. This picture was taken Opening Day at Craigmeur Raceway in New Jersey.  The race must have been like a national as it had over 500 racers! It shows Frank in first on the inside sporting his new #1 plate.  Barry See I think is the Powerlite rider on the outside. Im not sure who the other Puch rider is in the background. But riding Puch colors and running the 28G plate means he musta been pretty fast also. I will try to find out, if anyone else knows or has any Puch pictures or info please contribute.

The caption also read, that Puch was rumored to be coming out with a new high class BMX bike. It must have been referring to the Puch Challenger MX.

Puch Magnum

Posted in 1983,Puch Models by Racer on March 13, 2011

This is a 1983 Press release for the Puch Magnum. It states the bike was mild steel frame. It had however some great top of the line parts on it. Had this been a Tri Moly frame it may have been a hit at the track. It even had the a looptail design.

Pac Man advertisement

Posted in 1982,Puch Advertisements by Racer on March 13, 2011

This Puch Man advertisement is obviously a very cool play on the popular Pac Man game. It is from 1982 and shows they are still promoting the Trak Pro model.



Puch BMX Models

Posted in Puch Models by Racer on March 13, 2011

Challenger MX – 1979-?, Magnesium Alloy lugged frame, some top of the line parts like Kashimax MX seat

Magnum – 1983-?,  Mild Steel frame with looptail design, some top of the line parts

Trak Pro – 1980-?,  Full blown 4130 race bike, with all top of the line parts

TRK-1 – 1979, Saw this one on eBay. Was reportedly made by Murray. Had single hole in gusset. Pressed dropoouts.

Early 1981 advertisement

Posted in 1981,Puch Advertisements by Racer on March 13, 2011

This advertisement shows them promoting the Challenger model. This bike clearly was before and after the release of the Trak Pro. The Trak Pro was aimed as a high end racer. The Challenger as a entry level racer or street thrasher.



Summer 1980 Trak Pro advertisement

Posted in 1980,Puch Advertisements by Racer on March 13, 2011

This shows the Puch Trak Pro came out in the summer of 1980. Perhaps as early as Spring. This ad seems to have first appeared in the June 1980 issue of “Bicycle Motocross Action”.

Puch Serial Number Registry

Posted in Puch Serial Numbers by Racer on March 13, 2011

If you own a Puch please contribute to the list. This may help us ID bikes by year. Different models may have the serial number in different locations. On my Trak Pro it is stamped onto a plate rivited onto the BB.

Serial Numbers by Year and Model

    Puch Trak Pro

Unknown Year – Puch Trak Pro #00044 , Original color: Black (owner Erick Weinstetter, sold USA)

    Puch Challenger Pro

1982 (guess based on serial) – Puch Challenger Pro #K25662 , Original color: Chrome (owner Richard Pennock, UK)

    Puch Sky Invader

1983 (guess based on serial) – Puch Sky Invader #K83035733 , Original color: Chrome (owner ?, UK)
Looks like the top serial number is year (83) then month 03 (March), the K is most likely for Kinesis
Sometimes the die stamp is broken and numbers appear as weird symbols. Sometimes it is a symbol.
In this case what loks like a backwards 3 may be an 8.

    Puch Space Invader

1984 (guess based on serial) – Puch Space Invader #K40321685 , Original color: Chrome (owner ?, UK)

    Puch Turbo II

1983 (guess based on serial) – Puch Turbo II #K830811206 , Original color: Chrome (owner ?, UK)
I think K is for Kinesis, 83 the year, 08 the month (August).

    Puch Unknown Models

TN395LJ 12 (G0284)
Both of these bikes have similar pattern so are most likely same model and one has a Giant code stamped on the dropout as well. Not sure if the top one does.

weird symbol 19 307415 D

Puch Trak Pro

Posted in Puch Models by Racer on March 13, 2011

This was without a doubt Puch’s most popular BMX model. For good reason. The Trak Pro was made in New Jersey by Speed Unlimited. They were best known for their own brand “Thruster”.

Here is a closeup of the front gusset. It had the Puch logo sweetly engraved. This is from former Shimano riders , Dave Dechert’s collection.

Puch Trak Pro Specs: (from 1983 BMXA March Buyers Guide)

Frame weight – 4 lbs. 9 ounces

Fork weight – 1 lb. 12 ounces

Complete Bike weight – 24 lbs. 9 ounces

Toptube & Downtube Outside Diameter – 1 1/8″ Flat Oval tubing

Forkleg Outside Diameter – 1″ ( 1982 forks are decaled as Puch but are the same Speed Unlimited forks it was advertised with in 1980)

Bottom Bracket – American

Colors – Chrome with Blue trim, Black with gold trim, Midnight blue with blue trim


Fork rake – 1 7/8″

Steering Head tube angle – (this part of page was missing)

Seat tube angle – (this part of page was missing)


Wheelbase 35 3/4″ – ???

Bottom Bracket height – 10 1/2″

Parts Group

Spider – Shimano

Freewheel – Shimano

Chain – Izumi

Seat – Kashimax MX

Seat Post – Speed Unlimited

Seat Post Clamp – Xclaiber

(Rest of parts group page was missing)


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